Privileged to be located within the dynamic young nation of the UAE, why not explore beyond Fujairah and experience the other emirates such as the world famous hub of Dubai, a 90 minute drive from our resort. The sci-fi-esque city of iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, city-sized malls, indoor ski slopes and palatial beach resorts will definitely appeal to all tastes. But guess what? Beyond the glitter awaits a diverse mosaic of five more emirates, each with its own character and allure.

A two hour drive lies Abu Dhabi, the country's capital, which is quickly gaining a reputation as a hub of culture, sport and leisure. The emirate includes spectacular desert dunes that can easily rival the best in the world. North of Dubai, Sharjah has the country's best museums, while the smaller Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras al Khaimah provide glimpses of life in the pre-oil days. Allow us to help arrange your preferred tour across the United Arab Emirates

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For many tourists and visitors, Fujairah is a laid-back relief after the bustle of Dubai. For Emirati locals, it's a favourite weekend escape. The beautiful coastline is ideal for scuba diving and sunbathing, while the city is a great base for explorations into the Hajar Mountains. Fujairah is a modern city that is the main settlement of the East Coast. The emirate is separated from the rest of the United Arab Emirates by the jagged line of mountains and is a very short drive from the incredibly scenic Musandam Peninsula of Oman as well as the mainland. Despite recent development, the emirate has maintained a deep attachment to its local culture and roots and for the avid traveler looking for an authentic experience of the UAE. Come frolic around and experience the true nature wonderland of the UAE where fishing, wadi-bashing and the pristine beach waters will definitely make Fujairah your ideal adventure-fun destination.

all you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press

on to your destination.

- earl nightingale

Al-Bidyah Mosque

A 5 minute drive from Sandy Beach, the mud-brick Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates and was named after the town that once surrounded it. The engineering features are a major accomplishment for the period of construction. The mosque consists of a prayer hall decorated with arches and featuring ventilation openings, and a mihrab (prayer niche pointing to Mecca). A central pillar divides the internal space into four squares of similar dimensions, covered by domed ceilings.

The site surrounding the mosque has been excavated to reveal that it has been inhabited for 4,000 years. A large Islamic graveyard just to the north contains a massive tomb dating back to the Iron Age, which when unearthed revealed fragments of pottery, metal arrowheads and other artifacts dating back to at least 1000 BC.

Fujairah Fort

Built in 1670, Fujairah Fort was badly damaged by a British attack in the early 20th century. Considered the oldest fort in the United Arab Emirates, it has served previously as both a defensive building and a home for the ruling family. And for many centuries it was the only stone building along the Fujairah coast. The fort has three major sections, several halls, one square tower and two round towers. In recent years it has been fully restored to its former glory.

The area surrounding the fort is now part of a Heritage Village set up by Fujairah's Department of Archaeology and Heritage. Here you can see restored old houses, exhibits about traditional life, and a display of the Al-Yazrah irrigation system that Emirati farmers used in their fields.

Al Hayl Castle

Al-Hayl Castle was once used as the headquarters for Fujairah's ruling family. Built approximately 250 years ago it has played an important role in the area's defense, used as a base for surveillance and patrolling.

Bull Fighting

Bull fighting was introduced to the United Arab Emirates by colonizers from Portugal. In Fujairah, bull fighting takes place every Friday and is a popular family event. The day begins with 20 bulls battling each other, and numbers slowly dwindle as winners move on to the next round. The prize for the winning bull is to have his value increased.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Fujairah's Sheikh Zayed Mosque covers a site the size of three football pitches and boasts six minarets 100 m high. The mammoth prayer hall has space for 32,000 worshipers. Its white facade has made it one of the city's major landmarks, and it ranks as the second biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates after the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

Bithna Fort

Located outside of Fujairah city along the main highway, Bithna Fort once stood watch over the strategic routes crossing the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham. Built in 1735, the fort was considered of vital importance to the defense of the United Arab Emirates' eastern region.

Fujairah Museum

Just south of Fujairah Fort, the Fujairah Museum has an excellent collection of artifacts dating from the early Bronze Age that were unearthed during archaeological digs at Qidfa and Bithnah. Exhibits include Bronze and Iron Age weaponry, painted pottery, carved soapstone vessels and pre-Islamic silver coins. One of the museum's prized pieces, discovered at Qidfa, is a bowl made from ostrich egg dating back 2,200 years. There is also a good ethnography section with displays of traditional Emirati life.

Ain al Madhab Hot Springs

Located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, outside Fujairah city, the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs are a popular local retreat. The mineral springs here produce warm sulfuric water that is pumped into two swimming pools. There are separate bathing areas for males and females. It's a family-friendly place that gets packed on weekends.


Due to the topography of the area, the region around Fujairah is well known for its wadis. In Arabic, a wadi is essentially a dry riverbed (that can contain water after a heavy rain) but can also refer to any valley oasis. Wadi-bashing (four-wheel-driving or hiking through the wadis) is one of the major things to do during a visit. Among the most beautiful wadis in the areas are Wadi Siji, Wadi Saham and Wadi Mai. Wadi Ham is the longest valley and Wadi Al Tawain is fun to visit just as much for the stunning mountainous route it takes to reach it. North of Fujairah, Wadi al-Wuraya is also a main tourist attraction. Here you'll find waterfalls plummeting down to a beautiful pool, perfect for bathing.



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